Grow tents are a great solution when you want to create an indoor garden, but you don’t want to devote an entire room for that purpose. A proper and well-functioning grow tent is essential if you want to maximize yields. Sometimes the place you live in may not allow you to have an outside garden to grow your plants. The grow tent tends to have a rigid tent frame and a fabric outer cover and is used for this purpose. It is also easy to set up, and you won’t need a huge workforce to have it installed. It keeps your garden contained and allows atmosphere control as well as enough lighting. Due to the high demand for grow tents, many people have embraced them. This is partly because of the various benefits grow tents offer over traditional outdoor growing. You will realize that there are many companies selling shoddy grow tents, and thus, you have to be careful. You want to have a buying guide that you will use to help you find the best grow tent for yourself. This is an investment, and the last thing you want is to have a low quality grow tent after using a lot of money on it. The guide below will help you choose the right grow tent.


The size of the grow tent you choose matters. If you choose a grow tent that is too small, it might not serve its purpose. Besides, you might feel inconvenienced when the plants you want to grow don’t even fit. It is essential that you determine the appropriate place you will place the grow tent before anything else. Proceed to measure the exact width and length so that you are sure of the size that you need. Note that the tent needs to be smaller than the space you choose. The reason for this is because it allows for easy maintenance and setup. When doing the measurements, put in mind the number of plants you want to have in the tent. Also, consider how big you want those plants to grow. This will determine the height of the grow tent. The size and length of your plants significantly affect the size of your grow tent. Don’t just rush to get the grow tent without considering this factor. The other important thing to consider is if you want to do continuous harvesting or if you want to grow the plants in cycles. Continuous harvesters tend to have one tent tor vegging, the other one for flowering, and a final one for harvesting. Before you buy a tent, it is good to consider the above point.


Apart from considering the size, note that the height also plays an important role. The height of the tent will determine the lighting and growing system that you need to use. It is always essential to ensure that the light and the plants fit comfortably in your tent. Little light will affect the health of your plants and may cause you to harvest low-quality products. The standard tent height is usually about 7′ and, in most cases, will fit most residential ceilings. If you don’t find the height you have been looking for, look for Gorilla Grow Tents, which usually offer extension kits that allow you to extend the height of the grow tent. Note that short tents tend to need little lighting to avoid the issue of burning plant tops.


The quality of zipper you choose affects the way your grow tents function. If you choose a poor zipper, then it is going to affect the functionality of the grow tent negatively. Weak zippers will also allow insects to get inside and damage the plants. Insects can make you incur a lot of losses, especially if they destroy the plants that you have grown inside the grow tent. Why not invest in high-quality zippers? You won’t have to deal with insects finding their way into the tent. Besides, even lights cannot leak out when you have high-quality zippers.

Fabric Density And Strength.

The thickness of a tent canvas is really important. Get a thin tent canvas, and you will understand why it is recommended that you choose a dense fabric. A grow tent with a greater thread count will be more durable as opposed to a tent with few thread counts. All grow tents are usually lightproof, but you will realize that those made of stronger material will last longer. Durability is something you need to look for when choosing grow tents. Thicker material will withstand resistance and tears. They will also be more insulated against heat and noise. You will realize that the different brands of grow tents will reflect the light off the interior tent walls in a different way. This shouldn’t be a problem. Just ensure that light is reflected off the interior walls to help disperse light around the plant canopy.

Air And Light Ventilation.

There is another factor you cannot overlook when choosing a grow tent. The air and light ventilation is a crucial factor to consider. Proper ventilation will promote the growth of your plants. It is good to look for a good filtration system. This allows the grow tent to draw more air, which is needed by the plants. Without proper ventilation, you will always end up frustrated because your plants will not be performing well. Can you imagine how much time, care, and effort you require to maintain a grow tent only for you to have discolored and withered plants? To ensure that all your efforts pay off, make a point of ensuring excellent ventilation to encourage indoor gardening. If you realize that the ventilation is still a problem, consider buying a grow tent exhaust fan to do the job for you. You won’t regret it when you realize your plants are doing well.

If you still intend to do indoor gardening, you should consider grow tents. They are effective, easy to set up and maintain. When you are going to purchase, ensure you have gone through the above guide to help you make an informed decision.

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